Start A Car Detailing Business

By | July 21, 2017

Insights to fast ways to start a car detailing business

Many people assume that starting a car detailing business is a walk in the park. Well, as long as you know how to detail your car, you are good to go. But what most of us forget is that as any other business, car detailing needs capital, a suitable location and an effective marketing strategy to start.

Anyway, the lack of initial capital, location and client base should not hinder you from following your business path. This article highlights alternative ways to beat these common hindrances and help you start your car detailing business fast.

Is location necessary?

One of the major problems when it comes to starting a car detailing business is getting a suitable location. Obviously, you want a place where your business is more visible, for example, near homes, busy roads and highways or next to offices and parking lots.

Many car detailers stall to start their detailing businesses, the reason being, they have not yet found a suitable location. Well, a great place to start is by hiring or renting a building to set up your business. However, this can be costly considering you have still not bought detailing products.

So the best option is to go the mobile car detailing way. This works great if you already have a fully-serviced vehicle. If not, why not turn your garage into your car detailing location? Not only is this convenient, it also offers you a fast way to get your business up and running.

In particular, have a look at how centrally located the business their premises is to the city. This makes it possibe for customers all over Adelaide to visit the business.

Initial capital

Ask any entrepreneur about his/her initial ordeals when starting their business and they will gladly tell you how getting capital to start was hectic and nerve-wracking. Well, lack of capital is the biggest killer of business ideas.

And starting a car detailing business is no different. You need a substantial amount of money for renting a location, purchasing work materials, branding and marketing. A good look at your budget and you’ll notice you don’t have enough money to finance all these activities. But that does not mean you delay your ambition to start your business.

This is where family and friends come handy. With a bit of persuasion, they can offer you some funds. If this does not work, or you don’t reach your target, then it’s about time to aim for the ‘big boys’ – banks and credit facilities. Luckily, you can get a loan and start your car detailing business right away.

Marketing beforehand is important

Probably, you have already amassed a large client base in your neighbourhood or workplace. Your family members, friends, neighbours, and workmates know how good you are at auto detailing. Chances are that they are the ones who convinced and even pushed you to become a car detailer.

That’s a good start! Your referral marketing strategy is right on track. But apart from the basic word-of-mouth advertising, which is very effective, you’ll need to implement other marketing strategies beforehand.

Once you have found a suitable location and bought detailing products, you can now go full- gear on marketing. Prepare business cards and fliers and drop them at car care businesses in your area. Hand others to your workmates and friends and inform them of something big about to happen and wait! As soon as you open the doors to your business, you’ll see loads of customers driving their cars in for car detailing.