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By | January 31, 2018

Auto Detailing For Dummies

For all car owners – enthusiast or joyrider – auto detailing is the in thing. If you still wash your jeep, “the old-fashioned way”, it’s time to upgrade.

Car Wash vs. Car Detail

Though cheap, a car wash isn’t as comprehensive as a detail, and its results are not that impeccable. Most car washes take between 20 and 30 minutes, from washing to drying. Car washers use hands or machines to clean your car’s exterior. In drive-thru car washes, machines run soap, water and bristles on the surface of your vehicle to remove dirt and grime. An auto wash is more of a superficial cleanse. An auto detail, though expensive, is more restorative and exhaustive.

Auto Detailing Steps

A full detail covers the interiors and the exteriors.

Exterior Car Detailing

First, remove dirt and mud from the surface – soap and mitts are suitable for this task. Using special brushes and tire cleaners, scrub the wheels, lug nuts and brake clippers to get rid of dust and filth. After cleaning the wheels, wash the paintwork with soft microfiber towels. Once the surface is clean and dry, remove bonded dirt using a clay bar.

If necessary, polish the paint to eliminate any oxidation, swirl marks and light scratches. You can polish by hand or with a polisher. Wax the paint using high-quality carnauba wax. Waxing adds protection and gloss. Wash the windows and exterior trim to make the roadster sparkle.

Interior Car Detailing

Vacuum and shampoo the upholstery inside your vehicle to remove dirt and stains. If your car has leatherwork, scrub and condition to take out deeply ingrained dirt. Clean and dress the vinyl and plastics. And wash and polish the interior glass.

Mind Your Engine

Perhaps you don’t know what your sedan looks like under the hood. Just open the bonnet. If your engine bay is dirty or dusty, do a thorough cleaning. A clean engine bay makes it easier and faster to identify engine problems. It also raises the value of your car.

To prevent wear and tear, spray water on your engine bay, wipe down with a degreaser and rinse everything clean. Dress all plastic, rubber and silicone components once they dry up. Dressing inhibits cracking.

Auto Detailing Benefits

A complete auto detail makes your car look brand new. You can perform consecutive mini details to:

Improve Car Value

For classic or vintage rides, car detailing in Adelaide can maintain or increase the car’s resale value. A regular detail restores your car’s original beauty, making your vehicle more valuable.

Enhance Protection

Auto detailing boosts protection against the elements. Waxing, for instance, protects the paintwork from oxidation (rust) and contamination.

Attention to Detail

Detailing involves washing, polishing and waxing, but that’s not all. A detailer checks your wagon, in-and-out and top-to-bottom, to suggest tailor-made solutions. This type of service is rare in car washes.

Auto Detailing Costs

Basically – the bigger your vehicle, the higher the price. Additional services like leather conditioning, clay bar treatment and pet hair removal can increase the cost. Quality products and upgraded packages make the service quite expensive.

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